Creative Range

The Complete Design Service


By following series of design
steps ensures,we deliver
the highest quality works.

Design Steps

As skilled designers, we follow a series of steps before beginning any project. This method ensures we deliver your individual desires. We're first interested in understanding your message and objective – then we create something beautiful and effective. You are involved in every step of the way by talking with the designers, avoiding any miscommunication. We are every bit as technical as we are creative so we can recommend a solution that can be produced on time and within budget.


Sitting down and talking through your requirements with you. This is the most important stage of any project. Get this right and the rest is plain sailing!

Our project costing is a transparent formula – We forward you an official proposal and once the proposal is approved we add the project to our workflow and advise you on delivery/key milestones.


We work in reverse! Not as strange as it sounds… we check all your delivery deadlines and calculate key milestones back from there. Then we send you a precise timeline to approve that includes various review stages and production/supplier timelines where required.


Brainstorming is our favourite part! Exploring ideas and continually bounce off each other to create the best solution for you. It’s like being in a giant sweet shop, choice and possibilities.

Share our ideas with you for the first time and you get to let us know exactly what you think and work together to make it right and differentiate from the market or competitors.


We’ve agreed on the concept and now use our craftsmanship in the details. This is where your design comes to life, the text is written, imagery post-produced and graphics lovingly placed.

Amendments are inevitable but the way we manage this process makes it smooth for all, whilst ensuring nothing is missed. We typically include two rounds of amends within our cost proposal. Anything over is discussed openly before.


Implementation, whether its stationery, brochures, advertising, digital or more – You may also notice we are slightly obsessive and all perfectionists. This is where we make sure every detail and spec is just ‘so’.


Building ongoing relationships with each of our clients is at the heart of our service. As your requirements grow, Creative Range is always on hand to help whatever you need. We’re your brand champions, your sounding board for new ideas and no job is too big, or too small.